General Rules

  • Use of Mods/Hack or other modifications that give you an advantage over other players, such as x-ray, speed hack, fly mod, is not allowed. Mods like Optifine, Shaders, or other similar mods are allowed.
  • Use of skins that may bump other players is not allowed. Then we’re talking about skins that involve nudity, Hitler, or other offensive skins.
  • Offensive names are not allowed and must be changed before you can play on the server.
  • Advertising for other servers or websites is not allowed. It is also not allowed to advertise this server on other servers. This results in permanent exclusion.
  • Bugs are not allowed to exploit. Finding bugs must be reported to a Staff member or Valley Support.
  • It is not allowed to pretend to be a Staff.
  • Norwegian laws also apply to the server. Violation of any of these will result in permanent exclusion, and in some cases police report.



  • It is not allowed to speak condescending to other players. You must have respect and be nice with your fellow players.
  • Cursing, and other insulting words that are offensive are not allowed to use.
  • Spam or repeating the same words repeatedly is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to talk about topics that do not fit the server, such as racism, sexuality, and personal info.
  • It is not allowed to ask about items from the staff, such as diamonds, emeralds etc …
  • Inquire about a higher rank is not allowed. If you absolutely feel like having it, you can either buy a rank in the online store, rank up by time or apply for helper. (Helper should not be exploited). (We do only accept Norwegian applicants)
  • Only Norwegian, Swedish or English should be spoken in the global chat.
  • The staff always has the last word in a discussion.



  • It is not allowed to build offensive structures.
  • Use of AFK machines that prevent you from going AFK is not allowed. This also applies to machines such as fishing machines, etc. The penalty for this is reduced on-time.
  • It is only allowed with one redstone clock per player, and all the clocks must be turned off before logging off.
  • If you build a house then it should be at least 300 blocks away from another player’s house, unless you have permission to build closer.
  • Trees should be chopped all the way down and there should be no floating trees.
  • Destruction of nature is not allowed and it will be seen as grief.
  • Grief or destruction and theft against other players are not allowed, and in some cases will lead to exclusion. (Remember to protect your area with a gold shovel)



  • It’s not allowed to play music in the microphone.
  • Streaming on the server while in a chat room on Valley’s Discord server is not allowed. This is because some people do not know that the «YouTuber» are streaming, that may not want their voice live on YouTube / Twitch.
  • Chat rules also apply here.

New rules will occur…